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Home is Where Our Stories Begin…

Today I was reorganizing and cleaning up my work space and went shopping afterwards and saw these beautiful roses which I had to buy. I love plants and flowers but sometimes I’m gone for such a long time so I’m afraid to be committed to them.


I always like staring out especially when the weather is nice and the blue sky is out. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Simplicity is key and the sleek lines make it complete. The table top also opens up with room to hold books, make-up, a camera or all the things you would normally use. It’s really nice when the day is over just to throw it all in and have a neat and clean space. Definitely a great buy.


Reiss Ambiente

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: Lanzarote


Some of you know that I took a years off and visited so many beautiful places which I wanted to share. Last year I traveled to Lanzarote. I love Spain because of its culture and of course the food. It was my first time visiting. I was there for a day so I decided to see the Jameos del Agua. We took a guided tour bus and saw the amazing volcanic structure and extravagant rock formations.

IMG_2816Timanfaya National Park



I visited the Jameos del Agua by the world-famous artist César Manrique. I have to say that this was the most impressive highlight. We stayed there for literally half the day and I must say that I am so glad to have booked the tour. If you ever manage to visit Lanzarote then do visit here.




We also enjoyed a bottle of spanish wine and saw how the wine in La Geria is made. It is a really windy city so they build semi-circular stone walls of lava called “zocos” which protect the vine.



The amazing view from “Mirador del Rio”. Absolutely spectacular and breathtaking.




I will be posting more travel posts, mostly just pictures because as the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”.